Saturday, 26 October 2013


You are the fall,
the season of transitioning.
When Dad passed
you called up snow
and waited for spring
to awaken desire.

You serve the poor.
You comfort the widows
who like yourself
are survivors and champions,
toughest on earth
but still you walk softly.

You learned to allow
what life must take
for it all to have meaning.
You learned to trust God
and certainly, most of all
you know to accept mercy.


  1. Beautiful, Ron. It's a true blessing to have a mom you can admire and look up to :)

  2. She is a beautiful soul :) God bless

    1. Thank you Enchantress (loved typing Enchantress)

  3. That first verse is lovely for it shows not just the passage of time, but that passing of fall through winter to spring, through the mother/wife's travail. A generous loving word portrait of a remarkable woman who yet gives to others. I'm not sure I could be so accepting as that last line suggests: "You learned to allow / what life must take" as this issue I'm still struggling with.

    1. Thank you Beth. My wife read it to her over the phone and she loved the poem. As with most who are like her, she is most often quiet and joyful but can be outspoken at times with the sharp bite of truth. Then she resumes her mirthful ways. She still talks to Dad a lot, who is on the other side. Her gift to me is that I am the most like her.

  4. Beautifully and tenderly written. This poem covers several of the recent prompts!