Saturday, 5 October 2013

I Am

I Am                                   I am                              I am
Tell them                             waiting                          sitting
I Am                                   for your                         breathing
sent you                              return,                           stilling
into                                     so long                          my mind
this life.                               have I
                                          missed you.                  I am
I am                                                                       so tired
in love                                I am                             let me
with you                            sleeping                        sleep on
she said                             dreaming                      into                  
driving                               and there                      the dawn.
her van.                             you are.

I am                                  I am
like you                             letting
Grumpa                            the rain
he said                              fall on
taking                               my face
my hand.
                                        I am
I am                                 wading
grateful                             water
today                               and mud
for all                               up  to
you say.                           my knees.


  1. So list was like a lot of different situations with every line and I feel that's right, because so many different experience make an "I" .. really cool !

  2. I love the poignancy of some of these stanzas, well written vignettes of the inner and outer life of a poet. Lovely.

  3. I am curious about "wading in water and mud up to my knees"... I envision a fly-fisherman there for some reason. I enjoyed these little glimpses.

  4. Like the way you lay this out.

  5. Very creative take on the prompt. Snippets of loveliness.