Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I Could Cry

An eighty two year old stabbed
his wife who was ten years younger.
It could have been funny
except that he killed her.

They had Spanish names and lived
in a neighborhood that used to be
cornfields and barns but now is
jam-packed with houses that
all look the same.

And I think the whole family lives there,
their kids and their kids
which makes it more tragic
than we can bear to think.

It's obvious grandpa was nuts,
losing his mind and he always yelled
at grandma but no one thought
anything like this could ever happen.

Oh my God, I could cry.


  1. Such a sorry tale. :(


  2. Its sad but with the way you wrote, it didnt really look that sad after reading it twice. light hearted poem! ^_^

  3. Ron, you've done a great job REPORTING a sad news in a very poetic way.. very nice!

  4. Great job! There is such a sense of immediacy here. Lots of emotion conveyed in a straightforward manner.

  5. I love the detachment and the emotion both permeating this piece.

  6. I have heard this story so many ways ... people killing a loved one... It does make you want to sob... its so sorrowful... You did a really great job of putting the story out there in a humanistic way. Reporting can sterilize things so we don't feel or process them as emotionally charged occurances.