Friday, 4 October 2013

Miley vs Sinead


I am pumped
Strut the stuff
Hands are stretching
to touch
Hot and stooked
Youth is fast
Cranked to the limit
My hot blood
My hot blood
Out of my way you old bitch


I took back myself
to answer
Spoke with the girl
who was me long ago
Held her inside
Honoured the sacred
Saw it in me
Saw it in her
Allowed our pain
Allowed our shame
And offered the gentlest warnings

Miley:  I ride this train of my success
Sinead: To destruction
Miley: I am on top of my game, loving this fame.
Sinead: Pimping your doom.
Miley: My life to live
Sinead: I've lived some of that also and
            what you live comes back to live you.
            And that won't be so gentle
            as this sincere warning.


  1. Oh my oh my!
    A story on its own.. Beautifully crafted! amazing poem!

  2. Thanks Aavika. I am glad you liked it. I love your name. My wife's name is Aranka which makes me enjoy exotic names from other cultures.

  3. Gentlest warnings with such ease..Nicely done..!

  4. Love the format.

    I see her as thinking she is following Madonna's footsteps to fame and how outrageous she was and where it got her. I guess time will tell if she burns out like Sinead or prospers like Madonna. I am withholding judgement and hoping this is all just strategy that she is working to rise to fame.

  5. Well done! I love how you took today's prompt into pop culture.

  6. Loved this poem. Helps that I also like Sinead O'Connor but that is beside the point! :)

  7. Wonderful poem, Ron. I love the dialogue format and the advice from one who has "been there." xoA

  8. Tight poetic conversation between two super stars. I don't think one is listening, despite the 'gentle' warning. I really enjoyed reading this poem.

  9. Wow - Ron, this is so good and so insightful. You really nailed it!