Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Fall in my backyard.

I was out with the Autumn.
The pear trees were breaking
their long flexing limbs
with the weight of their fruit.
I was raking the grounders
to cut the lawn one last time.
This year was so wet
each cut took a raking.
Now it's the pears sweet stink
with the air moisture laden.

I hear sounds like small bombs,
like fireworks muffled in fog
and the geese circling and honking
against the grey cloud, disturbed
that landings at dusk are delayed
until darkness has settled
and shotguns have ceased.

I rake into night,
get a beer from the fridge,
pull up a lawn chair to celebrate
the mosquito's demise.
The geese find their place
at home in the marsh.
I am alone and content
with the season's advent.,


  1. Picturesque...remembered the times I had spent in England.

  2. Thanks. England or Ontario, shotguns and hunter orange, gotta love it (although not a hunter myself my dad and uncles were).

  3. Ah...the mosquito's demise! Cause for celebration for sure. And also this wonderful season. I'm envious that you have pear trees! Glad you're doing OctPoWriMo again this year Ron. Looking forward to reading your poems this year!

  4. I really like the picture you have painted here. I especially liked the 2nd stanza with the geese honking against the gray cloud. I thought this was very clean and I enjoyed it very much. Glad to see you're back for another year. :-)

  5. HI Linda. Hi Anna. Thanks for responding. Seeing your names is a reunion of sorts. A warm glow in the heart.

  6. Your poem transported me from Texas, where I currently reside, staight up to Washington State where I lived for many years. Thanks for the trip, I've been rather homesick! :) ~Tui