Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A Mere Boy

If it were not for reflections,
I would never know my looks,
for looking out my eyes
I never see my face.
Even looking down I only
know my arms, chest and shoes
and the front of my legs.
I am very fast and can run,
like a ghost, even my mom
cannot catch me if I choose
to run.

I can climb this wire fence
and I will when they
are not looking. I will
climb and I will run
very fast like a ghost.
They will not catch me


  1. There's a story here. It seems light and lilting at first . . . but then you wonder why he wants to run. Hm, I will be chewing on this a while. It would make a great writing prompt for my writers' group: the story behind the poem. May I share it sometime?

    1. Please do Steph. Thanks for the comments

  2. I like where you went with the photo. And I agree...you want to know why he wants to run...the story behind it. Intriguing.

  3. This is wonderful. Now you have me curious on where he will run and what happened before!

  4. I chose the same picture ... I can deficit relate to this scene you described ... I lived it Ron!

  5. I'm going back to this photo. I went a different direction today, but this photo keeps calling me back. Your first two lines hint at what I've been thinking about all day... there's something there in the reflection...

    Wonderful writing!