Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Ceato (my dog)

I buried you here
under these trees
now drooping low
that I must bow
and so it should be
beccause to me
you were a dear friend
brought to an end
under the wheels
of a truck

You knew my soul
every thought told
on our long walks
when I would talk
you would run and
return again and
listen to a master
his life a disaster
but he was not
about to give up

I got the call
it was the fall
dark rainy night
just not right
your body so dead
blood from your head
i dug a hole here
blood sweat and tears
still I kept talking
how i'd miss walking
but the body was cold
there was no soul
and I ask
are you now here
with me


  1. Lovely and heartfelt, Ron. And, I would say yes. Ceato is with you now and forever. Thank you for sharing this with us. xoA

    1. Thank you Annis. I think remembrance may be them drawing near.

  2. Oh Ron, I'm so sorry you had reason to write this poem. I felt all of your words and dread the day I have to go through it too...

  3. What a moving tribute to your beloved friend. I've lost pets myself and it is as you've captured it.