Friday, 11 October 2013

For Aranka

Schwish Schwish
Mmwhine Mmwhine
the sound of the wipers
me and my baby
driving in rain
soaking the roads
splashing up hard

We drive this road
each week every year
in the heat and the snow
in the rain and the fog
steering our lives
through dangerous corners
risking for love.

And we talk and we laugh
we shout and we cry
but we never regret
having got in this car
to drive on forever
mapping our route
to the bright morning star


  1. Beautiful and romantic! I love driving in a light to moderate rain. We had some bad flooding where I live recently and these days rain makes me nervous.

  2. Sweet and Crisp!! And I could actually imagine the pictures and the sounds :D Lovely read.

  3. very lovely romantic piece...great imagery

  4. Thank you all. It is kinda romantic that my wife and I commute an hour to the city from the country. We both work at the same company and both have horses that and we ride together most nights when we get home.

  5. I liked this love-filled poetry..!A song of togetherness..

  6. This is very sweet - the sound of the car, your beautiful baby and you ... Lovely!

  7. Very sweet. I love driving in the rain so I could hear it in your poem. Love this.

  8. Thanks again. That's exactly how I wanted it to come across. Cheers!