Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Everything's An Equation

The water that fills the marsh
equates to the sun's angle relative
to the tilt of the earth's axis
and the thickness of my blood in fall.

The anger that fills my blood
equates to the perceptions
resulting from the pain inflicted
now buried in folds of love.

The yogi meditates and
sees all things as vibration,
components that match, this and that,
random yes, but it all adds up.

Forgiveness is an equation
on a divine blackboard chalked
with how this and that equals nil.
So get over it now, will ya!


  1. Loved it ! Indeed,everything's an equation!

  2. Sometimes it seems hard to find the right number to balance the equation enough to make it equal forgiveness!

  3. I love those opening lines, so rich with nature and math. As the poem moves to the personal, that issue of forgiveness (without and within) is answered with humor. Nice poem.

  4. I really enjoyed the images in your excellent use of this prompt. !

  5. I liked this a great deal better than a load of numbers!

  6. This is fantastic.

  7. Love this! What a clever interpretation of the prompt.

  8. Fantastic, Ron! I was especially moved by ""the thickness of my blood in fall"...that line really took me away :)

  9. thank you for you comments. very encouraging.