Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Love is Like

Love is like
open heart surgery;
learning to trust your doctor.
Let him cut your breastbone
and open you down the center,
exposing the innermost sanctum:
The holy of holy's,
where only a high priest can enter,
once a year with a rope round his leg
to pull him out fast
in case your wrath is aroused.

Love is like walking on coals
in soft tender soles
more used to loafers or slippers.
And after that glass
with shards turned up to hurt you.

Love is like finding out
that none of those tests were worthy
of who you are or who you've become.

Love is like walking out
and finding that doubt
is actually a very nice feeling,
and you can learn to live there
with less and less care.
Love is when
you lay down your burden.


  1. I especially like the last line. It's so true and a great, yet very simple way to say it, 'Love is when you lay down your burden.' Lovely!

  2. Really like this poem especially the end!

    1. Thank you Janet. It came too easy. I should be concerned.

  3. Absolutely Ron - Love is like open heart surgery! I feel this.

  4. Wow Ron. Just wow. This is fantastic. Open heart surgery - BANG - right out of the gate, running strong. Stellar. Yikes, now I have to go write mine. Tough act to follow. :)

    1. Hi Linda. Thanks. So awesome that you like it so much.

    2. Oh, Linda and Ron, that's why I NEVER read anyone else until I've got mine done. It makes for some late night reading :)

  5. Incredible imagery and a nice rhythm to it. (And thanks for visiting my blog, reading, and leaving a comment! :)

  6. Ron, I have to say I am in love with this imagery, so powerful. I'm not sure I understand it, but the beauty of these images pulls me back again and again. OK I printed this one out as I want to read it on paper. I can't decide where trust comes in this love poem or whether the poem is actually about trust right from the first stanza, first trusting that heart surgeon and then trusting yourself. Beautiful. PS Thank you for liking the white dog in my poem.

  7. "Love is like open heart surgery.." Just today doctor suggested one for my father in law..After reading this poem,I'm sure it will go fine..!Thanks..poetry heals some unwanted fears! :)