Saturday, 23 November 2013

Things My Father Tells Me.

Anger is never worth it. This is why wrath is reserved for God.
If it gets a hold on you, well, you will have to run the gauntlet
of spirits that inhabit anger. They are as old as the planet and
they are powerful. That is why you had so much power in your
anger and tantrums. So did I. We felt invincible but as you know,
you end up wrecking and being wrecked.

Spirits inhabit everything. Obviously the best spirits to encounter
are the spirits of love. They accept everything which is a tall order
for us. But if you live in either love or acceptance these spirits
come to aid you. And with them by your side life becomes easy and fun.

That is what most of us on this side are experiencing. A few go
into the wrath and the denouncing but not many. After they go
we cannot reach them; they are in a different place. They are
even hard to remember once they choose.

Choice is your one big option, the gift as it were. What you get to
choose is to judge or not judge, to love or hate, to denounce
or lift up.  You face challenges as we still do. And it is hard to explain
but a part of all of us is watching and inserts these things into our lives so we
must choose. Eventually we all choose correctly and that is what takes
the time and many lifetimes to achieve.

You see nothing really matters because we all make it in the end. 
But it does matter at the same time because knowing what matters
is the nature of the game. 

I would say relax and have fun and this watcher who is all of us
will guide you through the challenges and journeys you need to address.
Learn freedom. I mean internal and not external. You see, what you feel
inside becomes the outside, what you are living. This is what we do here,
practice feelings, and we are able to help you as well.

I know you know that. I hear you say it now and then. I am always
pointing out to you the beauty of the earth and people, animals, insects
and birds and especially children. I know you see me in their eyes. 

It's great here. In many ways better than before. But the fondness for
life as you are living it always grows within us here. There will be
a culmination where we all meet again. We just never know when.

Love, Dad.

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