Thursday, 14 November 2013



I heard you knicker as I slammed the truck door.
I smelled the sweet shit steaming.
I felt the cool gate as it swung on it's hinges.
I tasted the tart apple as I bit it in two.
I saw your ears push forward with your neck erect.
And I knew something existed between us,

I heard heavy clunking of steel shoes on cement.
I smelled the stringent mass picked from hooves.
I felt the curry and tasted the dust.
I saw your coat shine as I brushed with the grain.
And I knew you held peace in your mind.

I heard leather slap as I lifted the saddle.
I smelled the deep oil rubbed in.
I felt your soft mouth as I set in the bit.
I tasted my own dull sweat.
I saw you so majestic in tack and well groomed.
And I knew I was blessed to have such a partner in you.

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