Sunday, 10 November 2013


30th Anniversary

It has taken me this future of time
To learn how to love you.
I grabbed the scalp of your fierce grip on mine
To shake us into the truth.
We circled in a madness of crazy ideals
(I don't indulge you I accept you)
Because we believed we could pull off a miracle;
Daring god to send us a job so insignificant
That it could change the world
And we did not notice because it had braided our minds into each others
Each attempting to throw a quick fist that would unlock the
But neither of us would risk the eternal
And the answer was left in a child a woman a teenager adoption cancer;
The radical faith that dares them all to face us to shout us to wrestle us
While we remain locked now fused into each other into one the division worn
If one goes down the second is done but we stood and they watched and
then the
Bonds broke but the spirits were merged and our thoughts meandered
as gods mind did when the prayers were answered.

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