Thursday, 14 November 2013



Your soft ambition has
Trodden the acquiescent spirit
Did it matter
Was there consequence born of this
Or were we both
In our opening to each other

No one knew it was happening
But it did
Right under the noses
Of those spitefully aware
But they did nothing
Because it did not register
On the pattern
Of their minds

It is to you I return
When I've lost myself
In this tearless place
Of cells that weep
I have been here for
A thousand years
I just keep finding you
And you draw me out
Into this hazard

Is this a song of love
and innocence
Where the night sky stands
For itself
Because it holds every story
Ever told
And our story is there
Ineffable mention of two
So small and illiterate
But I don't need more
Do you

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