Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A Better End

Shadows cast dispersion.
Your actions cause despair.
We all are schizophrenic
with voices in our minds.

That tear us thought from thought;
the mental limb by limb;
dismantled self we are and so
feed neurosis that is blind.

To the purpose then to gather
all in one, to pull the fracas
into a whole, all the chanting
becoming one eternal gong.

Calls from where we started. From
where it all began, the ancient
God who's sought by all and one.
I'm listening, nothing is resolved.

It just carries on, life after life,
creating stories, same old themes,
betrayal, revenge and the lovelies.
We die in our despair or pretend

a better end, the triumph of story
to lift a soul from Hades to send
it onto glory, where tears are never
listed. I instead choose that now and here.

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