Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tied Up

I want to tie you up
with duct tape
and throw you in the lake.
Witness the bubbles of
your death, your final breath.

I want to believe you,
gather you in my arms,
accept you forever and
the lies that you tell
until I am starving for truth.

I will ask you
To tie myself up
with duct tape.
Push me into the lake so I
can watch my own breath
rise in bubbles to the surface,
leaving me
with submersible senses of failure.


  1. Wow. So intense....

    (I have been living that middle paragraph for about five weeks now. You say it brilliantly. I may have to print it out.)

  2. No middle ground here any more. Very powerful.

  3. ..powerful piece of writing..i admire it.. :)