Wednesday, 10 October 2012


There is a ghost in my house,
a benevolent sprite,
who waits every morning for me.
To stir in my bed,
he darts to my head
and fills my mind with wonder.

He takes me to see
the child sleeping,
pushes  face close
to eyes mouth and nose
to smell the sweet breath
of contentment.

Then we are outside,
observing the sky,
stars deeply set
like caught in a net,
glitter like jewels
sending their light
to the earth.

and he pricks my skin
to feel the cool breeze
and tweaks my ear
to the first waking bird
in the tall spruce
and the sound of the trucks
on the highway.

He pinches my nose and
I smell the earth breathing,
ozone and tree,
grass, herb and garden
dirt and pine and wood burning.

And he whispers,
Man, you are blessed.
And I say, don't go away,
I need you to stay,
my friend.


  1. I love how whimsical this is! I could even see myself reading this to my granddaughters.

  2. Sounds like a lovely way to begin the day. As soon as I started to write this comment, the sun nudged my shoulder, whispering... "look up at me with gratitude, m'love!"


  3. This may be the first ghost I wouldn't mind haunting my house. I like the little hints of rhyme and the poem's lighthearted spirit. :-)