Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Anaheim, Disney World,
boulevards lined with palms
and gardens well tended
in early hours before
the anxious days begin
of children's excitement
and adult tedium.

We walk from the Hyatt
two blocks in behind,
find bungalows well kept
with verdant green lawns, trees
flowering, no litter
to be seen, quieter
the further we venture.

Small strip malls with signs that
read Spanish advertisements,
the shop that sells liquor,
exotic tequilas.
We enter a diner
that tells us in pictures
what we can expect to
eat we sit down, order
with gestures and smiles, this
is a special unique world.

1 comment:

  1. You describe it well, Ron. My family and I visited Disney this Summer... for me it was the first time in years. I surprised myself by enjoying it so much! I also think the trick is to stay nearby so you may come and go and not get overwhelmed by the experience. Sounds like you found that magical balance within and outside of the Magic Kingdom. :~)