Monday, 22 October 2012


I say random.
You say ordered.
I say tandem.
You say bordered.
Where's this going?
It's the spirit's
free wind blowing,
moving thickets
without knowing.
It's just showing
us it's doing,
possible skewing
of our plans.
Give in to it
while you still can.


  1. :~)

    Oh, for my love of meter!! This one was quite a drum beat... which reminds me... I need to wake my children... (which always seems both random and ordered).

    Happy Monday!!

  2. Yes! This is something I was just talking to someone about. I so relate! I love the "give in to it". I need to do that more. :)

  3. Yielding to the randomness of life is definitely a sentiment that I can get behind. Lovely work, Ron!