Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Mantle

Two women, long necked beauty,
elegant arms lifting prayer,
instruments of psalms ready.
Snow geese  in ascension.

A horse from Iran, Arabian stock,
a desert that claimed a life,
the Persian Gulf, oil and war,
religion infected with greed,

An old man from Poland
with a bag of gold a promise
of wealth flowing into my purse,
my life abundant prospering
with this gift, I admit,
it has, yes it has.

My mom and my dad,
he in his sport jacket and
cowboy boots from Quebec
rocking back with a laugh.
Her in a beige dress suit,
long, flowing, radiant
with joy for the camera
knowing they were happiest

The Buddha smashed by a kid
but still chuckling to himself.

1 comment:

  1. So intriguing, the opening stanza and the closing are just right counterpoints. I appreciate the shared photo as well on the Facebook group.

    Well done...

    This is so visual to me.. An old man from Poland
    with a bag of gold a promise... love the specificity.