Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Olympics

An Olympic poem.

(I just had to.)

Hey fat cats in the IOC,
You've been busted 
enough to see
that crooks always prosper,
they're totally trusted.
Please come here and
our economy's busted.
Memories shorten with
cause to cheer.
I know, shut up
and pass me a beer.
Patriot poison with
every sip. Listen buddy,
I'll fatten your lip.
Treason to say it,
But really, cmon,
they matter so little.
We've all become pawns.
And still no one protests,
still they all watch.
Putin and laws that
we'd fight to stop
if it happened at home.
No, I'll go it alone.
I want nothing from you.
And I'll have you know,
I've kept my nose
out of your show,
CBC sucks, CTV blows.
Fat f#@$%ing executives,
riding good will.
I only wish you'd
swallow my pill.
And dissolve like ENO
into the boil
of your own spoil.
Money for grubs.

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