Wednesday, 1 January 2014

I and You and We

If you want to know who I am.
If you really want to know,
how the self is betrayed by crafted appearance;
how the actions are only a ruse.
It is I who observe the passionate play
of the you and the I and the we.
And I am as passive as you could imagine.
You add the context and plot.
You play the roles and you ride the waves
of emotions of fear or elation;
of glands of rejoicing and glands of grief
and I am just he who watches.

Let us sit by the bar of hard drinks.
Until the time comes to go home.
But even then I'll stay for a while
and watch and watch and watch,
until I forget why I was here.
Until I am in the marrow of bones.
Until I am in the thick of the blood.
Until I remember it's time to wake up,
it's time to wake up and go home.

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