Friday, 26 April 2013


Give me the born again Christian
who cusses Christ! and God Damn!
Give me the Shia of Islam
who oft quotes Jesus and Rumi.
Give me the one who succumbed
in the time of trial and torture.
Give me the Buddhist who likes English breakfast and
admits that Hindus are right.
These are the ones who
smile with a child
and laugh at the
end of the world.
They seek the glory
in each fading moment and
never give up on the truth.
And they are beyond you my friend,
don't give a shit what you think.
There is no map to where they've arrived,
there is no time when they leave.
It is always a fool who counsels a king
and always a friend who betrays.
And beyond that exists a place of pure joy,
and that is the joke, don't you see.
It is a joke played on me by me
which requires a unique brand of humour.
And it's all quite amusing, you'll see,
it's become quite amusing to me.

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