Thursday, 30 August 2012

Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory

Talk about reincarnation!

Nero burned down Rome and blamed the Christians.

Bush knocked down the towers and blamed the Moslems.

Mahometans they were once called.

No Roman could have guessed

that the smoking pyres

Of Kerosene and flesh

were innocents,

the salt of the earth

and full of the Holy Ghost,

the light of the world.

Thirty billion was signed over

to the 'Industrial Military Complex'

on the day following the towers collapse,

into heaps of rubble and ash,

with charred firefighters and civilian bones

crushed under the weight

of terrorist plots.

Now I am not saying that the brotherhood of Islam is good.

And I am not saying that the 'In God We Trusters' are evil.

But I am colorblind,

cannot properly distinguish blue from green

when they are seen

In the same light.

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